Welcome, Strangeling... to the dark, chittering and mysteriously ticklish world of Darkling Games.


Darkling Games is the new home of Bederken minis and Skulldred Skirmish rules. We have been planning to move to our new digs here for a looong while, but as you may know ill health intervened. All good now!

Kicking off the new site is a dedicated forum for both Skulldred(tm) skirmish, Darkling minis and any other hobby related stuff you care to chat about.

A new web store is in development, but for the time being we have sexied up our old one ready to include the new releases this month!

On the products side of things, we will be shortly listing new Dwerg, Spell toads and our miscellanious category 'DF-Darkling Fantasy' range for your enjoyment. You can find sneak peeks at these in the web store, and more on our blog.

Stay tuned. This are just cooking up a strange brew indeed!



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